It’s Friday, oh yeah I’m a mom !

Being a mother is such a difficult  yet rewarding job🌟. I have learned how control my patience and not completely  lose all my marbles. Being a mother has really  made me appreciate  all the little things, like sleep😴 & cleaning a room and it staying clean for more then 4 minutes😩.. but like every other mother would say, I would never ever change  it for anything in the entire world🌎 I have two handsome little boys , my oldest more mischievous  little rascal  will be 3 in July, Devin👦. And the cry for any little reason but laugh uncontrollably  butter ball will turn 2 in august is Deon👶. They literally  are mirror  images of my husband and I. But I’ll give my husband most of the credit cuz my boys are so handsome💯. I am not technically  married on paper 🚩but he is and will be husband  if he’s happy about it or not😂😙😙 ! His name is Mike💎. I am extremely  lucky to have such and strong, smart and sexy man that is and mine all the time. He truly is such an amazing  man and farther to our children and I will always cherish his honesty and warm heart till the day that I die 💕💕Our kids are everything  and I mean everything .  We never wake up naturally 💤💤we are heavy cafine drinkers 🍹☕ and are masters at multitasking💃💃💃 . But at the end of the day we all just want to be someone who makes us laugh, and Mike is such the comedian  😂… when he wants to be.. I will love that black ass for ever and I will enjoy all the crazy things that gets dealt in our direction💑 This post is so lovely dovy  bull shit that I can’t even re-read  it but that’s okay because  I’m pretty  sure no one else is reading also LOL 😂😂😂 .. but I really enjoy writing  and reading and I hope everyone from the United states🌎 to the UK 👑 and Jamaica  queens🌴 , new Orleans 🍤, Armenia 🙈 Paris 🔑Japan 🍲🍥🍢and any where else in the world have a great day except you sneaky Belin, New Mexico… I’m still mad that I lost my favorite  pair of flip flops  in your dirty river when I was a kid. So boom 🙌✌


Let me introduce myself

First things first I’m the realest  😄 my name is Trista and I’m 23. I’m not much of a writer but I do enjoy reading into the so many interesting  others have going on. I have 2 boys witch keeps me very busy and almost always sleep deprived  😴 but we mom’s manage 👌 I live in the lone star state in the dusty desert 🌵 today is April 9th and I hope to eventually  hope to be writing for a purpose and not just to kill time ✌